Neville Loh


University of Auckland - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Major in Software Engineering

Web Application

A web application that tracks the number of global COVID-19 cases using the COVID-API. Deployed using Azure pipeline for continuous integration.

Tensor Flow
Crash Severity

A 24-hours transfer learning project for 2021 Geospatial Hackathon, predicts crash severity for given road features contained within satellite images using Xception with TF2.4.

JavaFX Application

A simple JavaFx application that uses model-view-controller architecture. The project is used to practice various GUI elements that the library offers.

Image Combiner

A MATLAB application that takes in multiple photos, removes an object from the photo or implements a action shot of the photo.

Web Application

A deployable flower shop website developed using Django with fully functional database, user register and login, product and cart system.